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Online Practice Tuition

With 15 years’ experience teaching at the very highest level, Shane is passionate about helping people to achieve their aims on their instrument.
Having taught all ages and abilities across the world, it has become clear that as well as a weekly lesson with a teacher, what is really needed is focussed direction during practice sessions as this makes the difference between average and exceptional progress.
Online practice tuition with Shane should run alongside regular lessons, with a teacher, and should never be instead of.

Shane is here to help with:

Problem solving

Develop good practice techniques

Reinforce what has been said in lessons

Explore different ways to achieve your goals

Maintain motivation

Make practice sessions fun!

Recommended Times

Online practice tuition on the trumpet or cornet can be booked in 15 minute slots
and all times given are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

As a guide, Shane would recommend the following based on ability:

Grades 1-2

15 mins

Grades 3-4

30 mins

Grades 5-6

45 mins

Grades 7 +

60 mins